Combine all your marketing requirements into a unified monthly subscription plan.

Transparent hourly rates and access to a vast pool of marketing and creative professionals. This is the benefit you receive upon subscribing to Must Kollane's comprehensive marketing solution.

Why switch to a subscription-based marketing model?

Quality content elevates your position in search engine results and propels users towards achieving your business goals.

Scale up or down as needed

Whether you need to ramp up your marketing efforts during a busy season or scale back during slower times, you have the freedom to adjust your plan as and when you need to.

Stop Overpaying

Usually, when you buy multiple marketing services, they cost much more rather than if you buy everything in one place and one price.

Break Away From Billable Hours

I apologize for that. Here's a simpler version:
With a traditional agency, you pay for every minute of work. But with our subscription service, you get unlimited access to our specialists for one monthly price.


Forget about in-house employees that will cost you way more than hiring a subscription-based agency!

Experienced Specialists

It's not always easy to find and hire the right skillset when your budget or location limits your options. We give you access to a diverse team of experts from all over the world, instantly.

All In One Place

Tired of juggling multiple freelancers or agencies for different marketing services? Our all-in-one service offers everything from development and design to content creation and advertising.

Services That Are Included Into The Subscription

Graphics Design

Anything is possible with a good design

Social Media Management

A good social media presence is the key to bigger trust!


With e-commerce marketing services from Courland Agency, your company can launch competitive campaigns that drive online orders, repeat customers, and revenue.

AI Consulting & Integrating

Integrate AI to scale your business!

Community Management

Community management is increasingly becoming a go-to strategy for many businesses

Content Creation

Content creation is the key to helping your business flourish online.

Paid Media

We identify, analyze, understand and reach the right audience

Influencer Management

Influencer marketing thrives on networks, connections, and relationships

Email Marketing

We handle all your email marketing needs. From managing your campaigns to ensuring top-notch email content

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Tackle 1-2 key tasks with precision. Ideal for focused projects or specific marketing needs

€ 2500

  • 40 hours/month
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